Monday, October 09, 2006


Who is Kim Jong-il?

What are his aims?

Why test nukes now?

Lt. Col Gordon Cucullu says he's "testing our resolve" in Front Page Magazine. Also in Front Page Mag, Ben Johnson writes about the failed diplomacy of Presidents Clinton and Carter.

Editorial from The Korea Herald: "Seoul now has two options. One is continued aid to the North, which will lead to perceptions that the South has caved in to nuclear blackmail; the other is resolutely ending the engagement policy and readying itself for any eventuality. For its part, North Korea as a nuclear power will find it even more difficult to survive under deepening international isolation leading to severer poverty, and the constant threat of a possible preemptive attack.

Kim Jong-il still has the chance to prevent a worsening of the crisis by returning to the Six-Party Talks and restarting denuclearization negotiations with the four neighbors and the United States. But he will soon find that joining the nuclear club with a few rudimentary atomic bombs does not improve the regime's lot at all."

Michelle Malkin
links to OneFreeKorea article, "Now What?" Joshua Stanton believes the test was "an enormous miscalculation on North Korea's part."

Perhaps Mr. Kim is lonely.

Note: Photos are from the movie "Team America: World Police."

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