Sunday, October 15, 2006


Where's the Outrage? Persecution of Iraqi Christians Continues

The Muslim world rages against the slightest offenses from Danish cartoons of Muhammad to an ancient speech quoted by the Pope. Since 9/11, Islamic groups in America have focused much of their dialogue with infidels on complaints about supposed persecution and Islamophobia, including such terrible crimes against humanity as "hostile stares" and inconveniences at airports (newsflash: everyone who flies is now inconvenienced at airports).

However when it comes to the disgraceful treatment of infidels in Muslim countries, there is no outrage and no condemnation of Muslims from their co-religionists. Powerline cites Atlas Shrugs for posting the story of the beheading of an Assyrian priest in Mosul and the murder by crucifixion of a 14-year-old Christian boy.

Assyrian International News Agency has an email from Adris Hanna, a priest in Sweden, telling of the dire situation facing Iraqi Christians:
Christians are living a terrified life in Mosul and Baghdad. Several priests have been kidnapped, girls are being raped and murdered and a couple of days ago a fourteen year old boy was crucified in the Christian neighborhood Albasra.

I have also spoken to a group of nuns that were robbed and treated brutally on their way between Baghdad to Amman in Jordan.

The murder of father Paulus is the final blow for Christians, and now only hell is expected for the Christians of Iraq.

We the oriental Christians in Sweden and the rest of the Western world must protest against the genocide. We must do what we can to stop the rape, threats, hatred, robberies, murders… We must do something.

These latest murders continue an escalating pattern of attacks against Iraq's Christians. On October fourth a bomb ripped through an Assyrian neighorhood, killing 9.

If Islam is a religion of peace, where is the condemnation from Muslims, especially those in the West who are free to speak their minds, of these barbaric acts committed in their name?

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