Friday, October 13, 2006


Wayne State University President Rejects Divestment

With all the problems at Columbia, it's nice to get some encouraging news from a college campus. Thanks to an anonymous reader for passing this on to Daily Infidel: "Check out the stuggle of students at Wayne State University in Detroit to fend off anti-Semitism and support Israel at Their counter rally to a 'divest from Israel' rally caused the President of the University to reject divestment in a 'letter to the editor' published in one of Michigan's largest newspapers this morning."

Here is the letter to the Detroit Free Press, which was also posted on Stand With Us:
Detroit Free Press
Letters to the editor
Free speech OK, but WSU won't divest
October 13. 2006

As a public institution that encourages learning, free expression and the exchange of ideas, Wayne State University recently was the site of a speech and protest by individuals opposed to the university's investment in Israel.

Wayne State opposes divestiture and has no intention of divesting itself of stocks in companies doing business with Israel or any other legitimate state.

We encourage our students to use their right to free speech, but accusations, acrimony and demands such as divestiture are counter to the intelligent dialogue and free discourse for which this university stands.

In a complex, international economy, divestiture is by no means a responsible approach to influence political or economic policy. Rather, it is my obligation to pursue legal, rational and productive investments on behalf of the institution.

Irvin D. Reid
President, Wayne State University

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