Thursday, October 12, 2006


UPDATE: Atlas has Audio and Video from Shoebat Event

Atlas Shrugs was at the event and she has posted audio, video and photos at her must-read website.

Check it out and see what you missed last night.

An amazing speech that everyone needs to hear, especially those in government and the media.

***Also on Atlas, a reader mentioned this little known but important fact from Shoebat:
In response to a question about the power of clan leaders, Walid said, yes, clan leaders have power, but they are also vulnerable. Years ago, 18 clan leaders were murdered because they admitted having sold land to the Jewish National Fund. Walid went on to say that everyone had sold land to the JNF at tremendous profit. The land was sold, he said, not occupied by force, but no one was allowed to admit it. He said, it's not about the land.

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