Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Tzipi Livni: Israel's Foreign Minister or EU Imposter

Caroline Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post that it would be a sad day for Israel if Livni (in AP photo with German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier) is elected Prime Minister. A recent poll shows she would win the general election. Livni's worldview and policy ideas seem more like they were written by a European Union official than by someone who is responsible for representing the interests of the Israeli people.

"Both in her interview with Yediot and in her statements to Haaretz, Livni makes clear that unlike the public, she doesn't see why the war in Lebanon proves that the policy of surrendering land to terrorists is misguided. Ignoring the fact that Israel's withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza enabled the empowerment of jihadist terror groups and paved the way for the war that ensued, Livni sees the terror wars as an opportunity to bring foreign troops into Lebanon. Indeed, on the first day of the war, Livni instructed her advisers to begin drawing up plans for foreign forces to come to Lebanon to protect Israel. Although UNIFIL commanders have made clear that they will not disarm Hizbullah, enforce an arms embargo, or remove Hizbullah forces from the border, Livni views the UNIFIL deployment in Lebanon as a model for both Gaza and Judea and Samaria."

Sounds like a plan for national suicide. Wasn't one of the essential tenets of Zionism that the Jews would take responsibility for their own self-defense since the nations of the world had done such a poor job protecting the Jews?

Glick breaks down the current situation in the Middle East throughout this excellent article.

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