Friday, October 13, 2006


Student Examines 'Columbia's Closed Minds'

An excellent analysis of the typical Columbia University student's mindset by CU junior Matt Mireles in today's New York Post:
Of course, having never seen much grit for most of their lives, Columbia students tend to balk at the first sight of too much reality - like going above 125th Street. On the other hand, joining a protest group is easy and safe but still "edgy" and cool. It lets students feel good about themselves and their convictions and their fight against "the man" without ever having to leave the shelter and structure of campus.
Mr. Mireles was a 2006 winner of the Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism.

Read the whole article.

The guy is an open-borders nutcase-but I have to give him credit for supporting First Amendment rights. BTW, what did the ACLU have to say about the Columbia commie stormtroopers? Somehow I missed their condemnation of same.
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