Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Spies We Can Trust

I have always wondered why the US government thinks the way to understand the Muslim world--and develop potential intelligence operatives--is to send students to Arabic programs taught by Muslims and dhimmi apologists. These students could never go undercover into mosques and Islamic community centers.

These gullible Westerners are being taught the same nonsense about Islam that I learned in school ("jihad is an inner struggle" "Islam has special respect for Christians and Jews as people of the book," etc., etc.). It wasn't until after September 11th that I started doing my own research and found out what Muslims really say in their own languages to their own brethren.

Any CIA or FBI agent trained in an American college or Arabic language institute could never pass as a devout Muslim. The lies told to infidels to keep them ignorant of Islam would, if repeated because those lies are what he believes Islam to be, blow his cover and possibly get him killed.

The brilliant Hugh Fitzgeral of Jihad Watch addresses who should be sought for intel purposes:

Well, they should find those who have suffered from within Islam, or whose families have done so. Think of Berbers who might be disaffected from Islam because of the Arab supremacist ideology. Or Kurds. Or a Hindu who might have been driven out of Bangladesh, and who, properly schooled, might be able to pass as a Muslim. Think of Arabic-speaking Jews. Think of the pool of Christians from the Middle East -- Maronites, or Copts, or an Armenian from Haleb or Beirut, who suffered along with other Christians during the Civil War. A Christian from the Moluccas, whose village was attacked by Muslims. Find these people. Train them, slowly. Give them the kind of training in Islam that the KGB used to provide for spies going to the West -- you know, with those mock-American cities, and every detail of the New York Subway system, not to mention what Yogi Berra or Jimmy Durante said, by way of preparation.

Understand that it is not enough to call yourself a Muslim. You have to have that entire set of allusions to the life of Muhammad, to the history of Islamic battles, that any Muslim would know. Are the Americans up to this? Do they possess a cadre of teachers? Have they called in the French counter-intelligence? Or the Israelis? Or the Indians?

Read the whole article. Twice.

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