Friday, October 27, 2006


'Religion of Peace' Roundup

Leading UK Imam: It's OK To Kill Gays (from Little Green Footballs)

Fatwa by Iranian Grand Ayatollah: Men can hit their wives (from Dhimmi Watch)

Islamic Cleric Who Described Women's Bodies As ‘Uncovered Meat' Faces Deportation (New York Sun)

BBC Supports Rape-Excusing Aussie Imam (from Little Green Footballs)

Indian police foil militant bid to blow up state assembly (Yahoo! News/AFP)

France's Permanent Intifada (New York Sun)

Deadly Hezbollah chess match (Washington Times): regards how Hezbellah planned for Lebanese and Israeli civilian causulties long before the recent war.

Report: Iran Has Expanded Nuke Program (New York Sun)

When you tell people on the left about the threat of radical Islam, you often get a bizarre retort: Radical Christians pose just as grave a threat to world peace. It doesn't matter that violent radical Christians are a paltry number of fringe nutcases who are rejected by Christianity at large. Nope, it's part of the leftist credo to always defend anyone who wants to destroy this country, especially if the enemy comes from a nonwestern culture.
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