Saturday, October 21, 2006


MUST READ: Identifying Radical Islam as the Problem...and Offering Solutions.

Check out this must-read op-ed piece in the Washington Times ("In Defense of Liberty"). It is the rare article that not only clearly indentifies the threats from jihadist Islam, but also offers a list of practical measures America can take to protect itself. Key quote:
We believe that being in denial about Islamic militancy profoundly compromises U.S. national security. Our system's toleration of religious belief does not immunize religions from criticisms of the tenets or practices of those belief systems. This is particularly true when the criticized practices, though rhetorically labeled "religion," are actually elements of an imperialistic social system antithetical to equality, liberty, separation of church and state, and other core Western values.

Activist efforts to limit America's free marketplace of ideas -- such as the tactic of slandering commonsense criticism as "Islamophobia" -- are contrary to the very foundation of democratic governance. The West cannot cure Islam's propensity to spawn radicalism; this is a matter only Muslims can address. But we must do whatever is necessary to protect our liberty and security.
Read the whole article. Twice. Print it on good paper for future reference.

Good catch Daily! This article needs to be sent to all representatives and senators and the president.
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