Thursday, October 12, 2006


More Fallout from Columbia's Handling of Event

Daily Infidel has received this letter from another person who had a reservation to hear former PLO terrorist and current Israel supporter Walid Shoebat speak, but was literally left out in the rain. Name withheld to protect the innocent:

I also attempted to go to the lecture last night. I (and another physician colleague and friend) had a confirmed reservation, and left my office (I am a faculty member at an area Medical School) early to get there and did not see the last minute email. Like everyone else who went to Roone Auditorium, I not only lost valuable work time, but got drenched in the process only to be turned away at the door. I think this act on the part of the Columbia administration is despicable and inexplicable. It is yet another black eye for an institution that claims to honor the highest ideals of our society - civil discourse on the most contentious issues of the day so as to enlighten and educate their students as well as the public at large. I have high school age sons and after this I would never consider sending them to Columbia despite the fact they are straight A students. These kinds of attempts at Orwellian mind control is truly dangerous to the freedoms of our society. I agree the conduct of the Columbia administration should be publicized far and wide.

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