Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Is It Cowardly-SPAN or CAIR-SPAN?

I expected to see Brigitte Gabriel's speech at the Heritage Foundation on C-SPAN this weekend, but I couldn't find it. It turns out, according to Ms. Gabriel, C-SPAN hasn't shown it. Why? They certainly have no problem showing Arab groups bashing US foreign policy and blaming Israel for all the world's problems. Don't they have room in their schedule for pro-American and pro-Israel Arab speakers?

Look at all the unopposed time they gave Mersheimer and Walt's anti-semitic ravings about the Jewish Lobby that was full of outright lies and distortions. The "distinguished professors" spoke at least twice on C-SPAN (an interview and speeches at a CAIR event) at length. Yet Robert Spencer's interview on C-SPAN promted a counter interview in which a Muslim professor was given the opportunity to respond--again unopposed--to video clips of Spencer. Do you think Mr. Spencer would be given the same opportunity?

We know your cameras were at the Heritage Foundation for Ms. Gabriel's powersful speech on radical Islam and her book, Because They Hate. How about showing it?

Fortunately you can view a highlight video on you tube or listen to a full audio recording of the speech at the Heritage Foundation website.

Watch it twice. Then email it to your friends.

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