Monday, October 09, 2006


INFIDELS OF THE DAY: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

With North Korea once again threatening the world, it seems an appropriate time to honor the creators of South Park for their outstanding movie Team America: World Police. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have it right in their portrayal of Kim Jong-il as an evil, sadistic, attention-starved egomaniac and devious manipulator of peace-at-any-cost Americans. And like all megalomaniacal dictators, even lil' Kim sometimes gets lonely.

The movie also skewers Hollywood leftists who are so committed to preventing America from going to war that they attack American troops while protecting the peace-talking, terrorist-arming Kim. It pokes fun at those "patriots" who never met a war they wouldn't support while satirizing the clumsiness of America's military maneuvers and the bull-in-a-china-shop nature of US intervention abroad.

Still, the movie ultimately concludes that although America and its military may at times bully others, we need American power to protect our way of life from truly evil forces. Despite all his frustrating, too-apparent-to-need-mention flaws, life under George W. Bush is far better than life under Kim Jong-il.

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