Wednesday, October 11, 2006



For being the first one to take on Columbia University for preventing the public--at the last minute--from attending Walid Shoebat's speech, Seva Brodsky is our Infidel of the Day. He pulls no punches in his letter to Columbia:
Your decision is outrageous, unfair, inconsiderate, undemocratic, anti-intellectual, anti-academic, frivolous, gratuitous, etc. Oh, wait, I forgot -- did I mention it was also highly untimely?

The full letter is posted here. Read it and let others know Columbia is still "unbecoming."

***UPDATE: Another letter from Seva, this time directed at Columbia president Lee Bollinger:

Freedom of speech, academic integrity, intellectual honesty, tolerance and opennes to different ideas -- my foot ...

President Bollinger, just to bring you up to date, below is what I wrote in response to the cancellation notice I received none too soon earlier today (Wed., 11 Oct. 2006).

If my memory serves me correctly, just a couple days back you promised to investigate the violations of the First Amendment on your campus in re the Minutemen at Columbia -- see the following articles, inter alia: Columbia Faces New Challenges By GOP Group; or from the venerable NYT, Columbia Investigating Protests That Stopped Speaker -- I take it you didn't live up to the challenge and didn't complete your investigation. I guess you just didn't have enough time to sort out that mess, and puffff, here's another one.

Not like you didn't know about tonight's event in advance, though. So how come you didn't take measures to ensure openness, fairness, pluralism, tolerance, law and order, and all such wonderful democratic things? I am sure you realize that such behavior by one of the premier American universities would not go unnoticed, and that such climate of political correctness will drive away some of the brighter and more inquisitive and talented students from your formerly esteemed school.

Why do you keep doing this? Why do you repeatedly shoot yourselves in the foot? What purpose do you have in mind, and what goals are you trying to achieve with such totalitarian approach to the marketplace of ideas?

Puzzled and befuddled,
Seva Brodsky

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