Sunday, October 08, 2006


INFIDEL OF THE DAY: Michelle Malkin

Many journalists responded to 9/11 and the ensuing activities of radical Islamists with mental laziness. They simply inserted the new events through the same filter with which they had chosen to view the world while the Twin Towers were still standing. Others, with no original ideas of their own, followed the lead, like they always had done, of the New York Times, Washington Post and NPR in directing their coverage and formulating their opinions.

Michelle Malkin, on the other hand, decided she should learn about Islam, jihad and the religious and political motivations of the terrorists who are perpetrating acts of violence around the world. She views America's enemies with no illusions and no preconceived notions. Ms. Malkin didn't follow the discredited clich├ęs that so many in the MSM found comforting: terrorism is a reaction to Western imperialism, frustration with American and Western policies, the desperation resulting from "Israeli occupation," our intolerance and other such nonsense. She saw through these apologetics, noticing inconvenient truths, such as the 9/11 hijackers weren't impoverished, the attacks were being planned during a time when the US and Israel were engaged in a peace process with the Palestinians, the history of attacks on local infidels has been occurring since long before Israel or the US existed. More importantly, Ms. Malkin had no hesitation in exposing the hatred, viciousness, depravity and incitement to violence coming out of the mosques, terror supporters and even mainstream Muslim groups in America. In her world, the security of the United States would not be sacrificed by denying a reality that makes some uncomfortable or comes across as politically incorrect.

Posters on a New York Times affiliated website have called her work" hateful" for uncovering the hatred brewing in the Muslim world, for directing vitriol at Islamists who incite violence against infidels and celebrate the murder of thousands of Americans, for exposing those who call for attacks on American civilians and the destruction of Israel, and for calling out the so-called mainstream Muslim organization for failing to offer sincere and unequivocal condemnations of terror groups. To these folks, Malkin is the enemy, not the radical Muslims who practice religious and gender apartheid, are openly and proudly anti-Semitic, treat historic Christian churches and Buddhist statues as worthy of desecration and destruction, educate their children to hate Jews and Christians and name streets and schools after suicide bombers. I think her critics have lost their way.

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