Friday, October 06, 2006


INFIDEL OF THE DAY: Hugh Fitzgerald

I read every article posted on Jihad Watch by the website's vice-president, Hugh Fitzgerald. I print Mr. Fitzgerald's pieces, save them and read them again. They have helped shape my worldview by educating me on Islam well-beyond the apologists I read while in college.

When I first started reading Hugh's work, I admit it made me a bit uncomfortable. His words registered with the logical side of my brain and I knew intellectually what he had to say about Islam, jihad and infidels was absolutely on point. Yet my emotional side still wanted to believe that the jihadists didn't represent the true teachings of Islam, that maybe the "moderate" Muslims could take back their religion from the "extremists", that maybe dialogue and hope and understanding and "peace process" and yada, yada, yada.

Logic won out. Little bits of truth that I had picked up along the way, ideas that I had floating around in my mind, all came together once put in context by Hugh, who makes his arguments so effectively, persuasively and unapologetically. It is the kind of talk we need from our educators, our politicians, our military leaders, our security services and our law enforcement officials.

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