Thursday, October 05, 2006


INFIDEL OF THE DAY: Benjamin Netanyahu

The most articulate and insightful Israeli on the issues of terror and Islamic jihad is Benjamin Netanyahu. His appearances on American television are unlike any other Israeli official. Born in Tel Aviv, Mr. Netanyahu has both undergraduate and masters degrees from MIT. The former Israeli prime minister has studied political science at Harvard and MIT.

"Bibi" is most impressive on college campuses and in his guest spots on TV and radio networks like the BBC, confronted with hostile questioners seeking to paint Israel as a villain. Armed with the facts and the ability to speak concisely and unapologetically to unfriendly audiences, he comes across as visionary defender of the Jewish people against its Islamist enemies and their enablers in the United Nations and European Union.

Mr. Netanyahu has no illusions regarding the intentions and motivations of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the governments of Israel's enemies. He is highly suspicious of the "peace process", even with the PLO and other so-called moderate Arabs, because he knows that in Arabic, their leaders speak of destroying Israel, regardless of what they say to Western audiences in English.

In facing an enemy whose viciousness knows no bounds, Israel deserves better leadership than its current government is providing. Israeli voters should consider returning Mr. Netanyahu to the office of Prime Minister when the next elections are held.

For defending Israel, fighting the vilification of Jews all over the world and alerting the United States and Western Europe to the threats it faces from the jihadists, Benjamin Netanyahu is a worthy choice for Infidel of the Day.

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