Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Important New Website: CAIR Watch

Started as a front group for Hamas and funded by Saudi Arabia, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) portrays itself, with the collaboration of the mainstream media, as a civil rights organization. CAIR presents itself as a Muslim version of the NAACP or ADL.

In reality, CAIR has more in common in its goals with the Islamists than it has with the rest of America. Rather than focus on protecting Muslims from actual civil rights violations, CAIR seems most passionate about protecting those who fund and support terror from being prosecuted for their violations of American law, inventing the myth of widespread attacks and persecution of American Muslims since 9/11, and labeling as Islamophobia any legitimate criticism of the activities of Muslims. Contrast that extreme sensitivity to any discussion by infidels of Islam with the over-the-top condemnations of Israeli and American attempts at self-defense.

The description I just presented understates the evil that lurks in the hearts of CAIR's leaders and the dire consequences of CAIR's agenda for America. If CAIR had its way, America would be an Islamic republic operating under Sharia law while Israel and its Jewish population would be wiped off the map.

I advise all Daily Infidel readers to check out the new website, CAIR WATCH at americansagainsthate.org/cw. Click on the images. The most vile is the screenshot taken from CAIR's website in Dec. 2001. CAIR suggested donations for victims of 9/11 be directed to The Holy Land Foundation, meaning that the money would have gone to Hamas terrorists instead of needy American victims of terror.

Isn't it time the media stop quoting CAIR leaders every time an issue relating to Muslims or Islam arises? Isn't it time the media stop labeling CAIR as the "mainstream civil right group" representing American Muslims?

Links: CAIR WATCH. Americans Against Hate.

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