Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hamas PM: My Language is Language of Blood

If only we could get the parties talking, you know, get back to the road map, to Mitchell, to Tenet, to Oslo, to the days when the US was more engaged in the Middle East, to involving the Quartet, to working with the Egyptians, to returning to the Saudi peace plan, to the vision of two states living side-by-side in peace...enough!

Israel can't make peace with the terrorist supporting, inciting, funding and glorifying Fatah. And the Israelis certainly have nothing to talk about with Palestinian Prime Minister Isma’il Haniya, whose Hamas party won the elections in Gaza and the West Bank. Here is a Hamas member who spoke with Mr. Haniya at a rally, from
The language of blood is my language, and there is nothing but blood. I have shut my mouth to the art of speech, and let the machine gun do the talking. I let Al-Qassam do the talking, to turn the dens of the Jews into hell.

Haniya himself made the PA position clear, "We will never recognize... We will never recognize... We will never recognize Israel."

A recent poll by the Al-Mustaqabal Research Institute reveals that nearly two-thirds of the Palestinians reject "normalized relations with Israel."

Now Ms. Rice, what was it the two parties are supposed to talk about?

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