Monday, October 23, 2006


Globe Op-Ed Criticizes Islamic Treatment of Women

In a Boston Globe op-ed piece, Cathy Young hits the veil on the head:

...using the language of tolerance to justify oppressive practices is a grotesque perversion of liberalism. The veiling debate is a case in point. No amount of rhetorical sleight of hand can disguise the fact that the full-face veil makes women, literally, faceless. Some Muslim women in the West may choose this garb (which is not mandated in the Koran), but their explanations often reveal an internalized misogynistic view of women as creatures whose very existence is a sexual provocation to men. What's more, their choice helps legitimize a custom that is imposed on millions of women around the world who have no choice.

The great Dr. Wafa Sultan (see "INFIDEL OF THE DAY: Dr. Wafa Sultan" for background information, links and video) weighs in on the veil controversy. Notice how Sawsan Hanish tries to blur the distinctions between Islamic societies and the West. Sultan effectively points out the difference:

...Syrian-American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan, an outspoken critic of Islam, described an "honor killing" of a young Middle Eastern woman that occurred with the help of her mother. In a later exchange, another participant, Libyan journalist Sawsan Hanish, argued that it was unfair to single out Muslim societies, since women suffer violence and sexual abuse in every society including the United States. Sultan pointed out a major difference: In many Muslim cultures , such violence and abuse are accepted and legalized.

Read the whole Boston Globe article.

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