Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Gawker: More Ignorant Than Clever on Israel


More from that quiet Ivy school uptown:

The Columbia College Republicans are at it again. On the heels of an event they hosted Wednesday, during which the founder of a group that patrols America's borders was attacked and forced offstage by angry protesters, the group is slated to host an even larger event [today], this one featuring two ex-terrorists and a former Nazi.

Now, to be fair, those ex-terrorists (Zachariah Anani, who is Lebanese, and former PLO member Walid Shoebat) have both committed attacks against Israel but are now on Team Jew, opposing the creation of a Palestinian state. The former Nazi, Hilmar von Campe, was a member of the Hitler Youth and served as a soldier but now feels really bad about it. The three will be lecturing against the dangers of indoctrination -- fitting, seeing as they're there on behalf of the baby GOP.

Daily Infidel Responds:

Should we only listen to anti-American and anti-Israel Muslims when we want to learn about the Middle East?

Who better to explain how terrorists are raised, indoctrinated and trained, than two people who grew up in Islamic societies and participated in terror activities? Who could shed more insight into the Islamic sources that are used in recruiting terrorists?

Some people oppose a Palestinian state, not because they want to deny self-determination to the Palestinians, but because they believe the state will merely be a phase in the larger plan to destroy Israel. Holding this view doesn't make someone a bad person or unworthy of being heard. In fact, given the evidence we have from Israel's withdrawal from Gaza, it is a responsible conclusion.

One more thing: What the heck is "Team Jew?" Given the diversity of opinion in both the American and Israeli Jewish communities on this issue, how did you decide which one of several different viewpoints is representative of "Team Jew?"

Hey- nice site. I LOVE the name. Linked over from Conservababes: Right From New Falluja(h). Good point -we need to hear from people like this and not ignore the reality of what we're up against with that hatred for Jews and Christians people in the Middle East are being taught since birth.
It is sad that the media portrays attacks on Christians and Jews in the Middle East as anti-Western rage when they are a continuation of the same jihadist violence aimed at infidels thas that been going on since the founding of Islam.
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