Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Daily Infidel Classic 2002: Ali Sina on America's Role in Creating Walker Lihdh

Ali Sina has a devastating take on America's role in creating John Walker Lihdh, the "American Taliban." He puts the blame on political correctness, a desire not to offend other cultures and ignorance about Islam. This article might make you uncomfortable, but it will definitely make you think, especially since President Bush continues to insist that the terrorists, who quote the Koran, follow the example of the Prophet and kill in the name of Allah, have nothing to do with Islam.

Read "Let Walker Walk Away. Put America on Trial" at Faith Freedom International, an organization founded by Mr. Sina as "a movement of ex-Muslims striving for the freedom of faith and freedom from Faith in Islamic countries." I also recommend visiting Mr. Sina's new website.

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