Monday, October 23, 2006


Condi Dedicates Herself to Palestinian State

The Palestinians rejected the US-Israeli offer of an independent state, embraced suicide bombing, cheered on 9/11, elected a terrorist group to govern and responded to Israeli withdrawal from Gaza by firing rockets on Israeli towns, building tunnels used for smuggling weapons and distroying the greenhouses left behind by the vacating Israelis that were purchased for the Palestinians with American donations. Condi Rice's response: "redoubling" American efforts to aid the Palestinians and calling the establishment of a Palestinian state "no greater legacy for America."

Really? More important than protecting America from terrorism, preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, keeping rogue states in check, developing alternative sources of fuel, securing our borders and working with real allies to stop the funding and spread of jihadist Islam in the West?

I guess so. Given all the dangers America faces in the world, Ms. Rice believes establishing a terror state in the heart of the Middle East is the responsible thing to do.

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