Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Columbia Offends Pro-Israel Community Again

You know CU would never treat the Muslim Student Association the way it has the College Republicans and the pro-Israel community.

Here is an email response to Columbia barring the public from hearing Walid Shoebat, formerly of the PLO, talk about renouncing his past acts of terrorism. Shoebat has become one of the most effective public speakers in support of Israel.

Seva Brodsky writes:

This is really nice, thank you very much, Jewelnel. Never mind that I am on a Greyhound bus from Boston, approaching NYC, coming to NY with the sole purpose of attending the event, and by chance decided to check my e-mail on my mobile phone PDA, which I hardly ever do. Who needs advance notice anyway, right?

I wonder what prompted you to suddenly change the attendance policy? I mean, I have signed up well in advance (prior notice, hint-hint), got the confirmation on time (hint-hint), and left Boston on time, having spent $50 for the roundtrip ticket.

It couldn't be due to political correctness, could it? I mean, you wouldn't be afraid of some outsiders coming to the event from afar so as to get educated, enlightened, and inspired, right?

This, dear Jewelnel, smells of a scandal. Which you are about to have, on account of this cancellation, as well as for quite a few other reasons. Your decision is outrageous, unfair, inconsiderate, undemocratic, anti-intellectual, anti-academic, frivolous, gratuitous, etc. Oh, wait, I forgot -- did I mention it was also highly untimely? This decision flies in the face of the First Amendment and everything else that makes this country great.

It's not as if Columbia U. didn't have enough scandals already, especially lately. So what's another scandal? No sweat of Columbia's back, right?

Well, we'll see about that last one, won't we? I hope you have good legal in-house counsel, for you have just made a whole lot of people quite unhappy. I am sure the reporters will have a field day once again. Enter the press ...

Unbelievable ...

Seva Brodsky
Somerville, MA

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