Friday, October 13, 2006


Columbia Bends Rules for Anti-Semitic Speaker

Walid Shoebat's guests were barred from attending his event because they didn't have Columbia University ID cards. However, when notorious anti-Semite Norman Finkelstein spoke at Columbia, the university backed down and allowed him to bring in 180 people without IDs, according to BWOG, the Columbia student magazine's blog, and Kesher Talk. Finkelstein had threatened to cancel his speech if his guests weren't granted admission. Obviously, CU felt the community couldn't afford to miss the Holocaust-minimizing, Israel-hating Finkelstein.

Let's recap how Columbia handled the two events. Critic of anti-Semitism: only 20 guests without CUID's allowed in. Anti-Semite: all 180 guests without CUID's admitted.

Check out the stuggle of students at Wayne State University in Detroit to fend off anti-semitism and support Israel at Their counter rally to a "divest from Israel" rally caused the President of the University to reject divestment in a "letter to the editor" published in one of Michigan's largest newspapers this morning.
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