Sunday, October 08, 2006


Bullied No More: Thousands Oppose Chavez

Thousands of brave Venezuelans (BBC Photo) turned out for a rally in Caracas in support of President Hugo Chavez' opponent, Manuel Rosales (AP Photo), a social democrat and governor of the state of Zulia. Those rising up against an evil, anti-American, anti-Semitic, election-stealing thug deserve support from the United States government as there is no doubt Chavez will use whatever methods necessary to remain in power.

Check out the BCC News report.

Read about Chavez' weapons production in the Miami Herald.

Learn about his attacks on the Jewish community of Caracas on Front Page Magazine.

JTA: Chavez incites anti-Semitic sentiment.

Funny, there was no mention of this on from the MSM. I may be wrong; I don't regularly watch or read MSM news.

aka John D Infidel
...possibly because there was no way to blame America for the anger at Chavez. If US fingerprints were anywhere near the rally, despite the justice of the anti-Chavez cause, the MSM would have portrayed the thug-dictator as a poor, embattled underdog.
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