Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Bosnia and Kosovo: Were We on the Wrong Side?

Julie Gorin has an interesting article on Jewish World Review that has done nothing to dampen my feelings over the past few years that we made a major mistake in the Balkans. Maybe "alleged Serb aggression" wasn't the defining aspect of the conflict.

She quotes the late journalist Daniel Pearl from the December 31, 1999 Wall Street Journal:

"Allegations -- indiscriminate mass murder, rape camps, crematoriums, mutilation of the dead -- haven't been borne out in the six months since NATO troops entered Kosovo. Ethnic-Albanian militants, humanitarian organizations, NATO and the news media fed off each other to give genocide rumors credibility. Now, a different picture is emerging."
In addition to suggesting the Clinton administration was responsible for committing war crimes against the Serbs, Gorin is very critical of the media's role in misleading the American public and politicians. She quotes Gregory Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association, who wrote about Peter Brock's new book Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting:

"That there were genuine initial misunderstandings on the part of the world's media with regard to the Balkan situation is clear. But the fact that the media -- on whose judgments governments made policies -- allowed itself [sic] to be duped by propagandists, and that editors then refused to recant when their errors became obvious: there lies the essence of Brock's indictment….If Watergate was the modern starting point for agenda-based reporting, then the Balkan wars showed that, unchecked, the media could, without accountability, bring about the downfall of nations."

The scariest part of all this is that the US was fighting on same side as the jihadists in Bosnia and Kosovo. Those same jihadists were responsible for the planning of major terrorist attacks, including 9/11.

Ms. Gorin has been doing some excellent work in researching and writing on this issue. Read this whole article. We can't afford to be this wrong again.

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