Sunday, October 15, 2006


Attacks on Coptic Christians Prove Muslim Violence is Anti-Infidel

You've probably seen the article many times since Sept. 11, 2001 in one form or another. A Western reporter or Arab professor (in the latest example, Fawaz A. Gerges in the International Herald Tribune) interviews a bunch of ordinary Muslims in the Middle East to find out why they are angry at the United States.

Among those representative of the Muslim viewpoint, rarely are Muslims quoted as saying they hate the West because it is full of infidels who must submit to the rule of Islam or die. The only time you get even a glimpse of the vile anti-Semitism rampant in countries like Egypt is if the author intends to show that the person holding such views is the exception.

It always comes back to American policies and statements by Western leaders. Despite what might be honorable intentions, our actions, the author reports, appear to Muslims as an attack on Islam. If we would just follow this or that policy suggestion, then we would marginalize the "tiny minority of extremists" and win over the "hearts and minds" of the Muslim masses.

Congratulate yourself if you have refused to fall for this nonsense. Put aside the stupidity of basing American policy on the suggestions of fanatic, conspiracy-indulging, largely uneducated peoples in far off lands who don't share our values of tolerance, equality and separation of church (or mosque) and state. In societies where the government-controlled media, religious authorities and academics say that you don't take Christians and Jews as friends, the CIA and the Mossad were responsible for 9/11, Christians are launching another round of Crusades, Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake Passover Matzoth and attacks on Muslims in the West are regular occurrences, are we really to blame for their emnity?

Given the lack of freedom of thought and expression, and the desire of Arab governments to have scapegoats at which to direct their people's rage, it seems we are destined to be mistrusted--and probably hated--throughout much of the Muslim Middle East regardless of our policies. Given the differences in our core values, this seems quite natural.

Of course this whole anger-at-the-West-because-of-its-policies argument falls apart when you consider the treatment of Coptic Christians in Egypt (or any other minority community in Arab countries). The murders, rapes, destruction of churches and thefts of property perpetrated by gangs of Muslims, with the government looking the other way, can't be seen as resulting from Western policies. The Copts are not Western. They have been in Egypt since before Islam existed. They don't support Israel and haven't taken part in the invasion of Iraq. Yet their history in modern Egypt has been one of persecution and suffering at the hands of their Muslim neighbors. Just like Americans and Europeans, they are attacked by jihadists because they are infidels.

It is sort of ironic when one hears that the main reasons for the anti-western diatribes occuring in the Arab and muslim coutries is the American foreign policy. It is not. It is all about the ethnocentric hate of the others. Others, I mean non-muslims (the infidels). Copts and (Jewish Egyptians to a lesser extent) were instrumental in the founding of modern Egypt. This goes to the social and economic infrastructure but more importantly the modern mass culture reflected in the modern egyptian movie and arab middle eastern music industry.
These Egyptians copts and jews were staunch nationalist and at time have leaning toward socialist ideals (like the person of Henry Curiel). It really sad to know that the prominent Egyptians who helped the overthrow of King Farouk were mostly copts and also Arab British educated nationalists.

Now however, specially after the devastating defeat of the six days war, they were seen as the fifth column and scapegoated as the reason for the defeat of Egypt.

Nowaday, most of the Copts are "Zebalyne" (trash recyclers), living under extreme poverty (that does not mean that there is no poverty among the muslim population). It only proves once again that the muslims will not stop at anything to humiliate, subjugate, rape and kill the Copts just because they are Christians. It is as if their downward fall from an elite status to the Zebalyne underclass is not enough to prove that they mean no harm to Egyptian society. They are Egyptian anyway, they do not look different. It is not an islamo-Egypto-fascism, I do not know what it is. It is very sad state of affair among the Copts of Egypt.
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