Monday, October 16, 2006


Apostate Makes Journey from Jihadist to Infidel

Here is a fascinating story (at Pedestrian Infidel) of a young man in the Muslim world who dared to question Islam. In his enlightening tale of how he ultimately left Islam and converted to Christianity, "Avenging Apostate" tells of the ideas, values and cultural norms he confronted growing up in a Muslim family in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the UAE:
I was taught that the Jihad was the best way to heaven. And no, Moslems don’t mean jihad as 'an inner struggle with one's own desires'. Jihad means Holy War, which the Koran mandates for all Moslems so that they 'kill all non-Moslems'. I was told that the Jews were to be killed because they had committed wrong doings against the prophet Mohammed and so the Christians too because of the Crusades.

Oh and as is perceived in the west, no – Islam doesn't distinguish between men, women and children. Anyone born out of Islam is a non-Moslem and, therefore, can be killed. Only if the non-Moslems surrender to Islamic supremacy, they are given two options, which are 'Embrace Islam' or 'Die'. Sometimes a third option is granted to the infidels, which is 'Pay Jizya Tax' which is not like income tax at all but is a punitive tax of ‘protection’ applied only on non-Moslems living under Islamic rule. Along with that, non Moslems are rendered as 2nd class citizens, forbidden from owning property, and subjected to many other humiliations...
If you want to learn what the people of the Middle East are taught about Islam and infidels in mosques, schools and at home, read "From a Jihadist to a Human."

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