Sunday, October 08, 2006


AP Photo: Staged 'News'?

The caption from this AP Photo, posted on the BBC's European website, says, "Iran's nuclear program is popular with many in the country."

What are the odds that an AP photographer in Iran would show up near an industrial facility and find a single Iranian woman by herself with a printed political sign in English? Iran's nuclear program may or may not have public support, but the photo above provides no evidence that "many" favor it. I don't suspect that people in a repressive, totalitarian society are likely to offer reporters and pollsters any opinions that run counter to the official policies of the government.

When I go want to express my political views in the United States, I always go to an empty industrial complex by myself with a sign printed in Farsi, Arabic or Swahili. And an AP photographer always shows up with a camera.

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